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Navigate Risks

In today's business environment, every organization, no matter its size or sector, faces countless "make or break" risks. Yet, these same risks, when navigated with speed, precision and agility, can actually become fuel for competitive advantage, market opportunity and enhanced business performance.

Of course, this requires purposeful action - a new way of leveraging your risk and governance processes to navigate risks, illuminate opportunities and integrate capabilites.

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Integrative Governance

Illuminate Opportunities

Who says there is nothing new in risk and governance? Unlike traditional and unsustainable "rear-view mirror" approaches, Solomon365 offers a guided, forward-looking process. It equips you with proven diagnostic tools, strategies, how-to-guidance, roadmaps and action plans. This illuminates ongoing opportunities to fine-tune and better leverage the three vital dimensions of an integrative governing system to drive success:

Board Oversight

Elevate Board Oversight
to Provide Strategic Guidance

Risk Management

Optimize Management Execution
to Produce Informed Decisions

Business Monitoring

Integrate Monitoring Verification
to Deliver Vital Insights

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“We began to see immediately, using the Solomon365 solutions, how the implementation of a stronger and more integrated risk discipline is allowing us to make faster and better informed decisions for the organization. Our risk process starts at the strategic level and drills down into the business line impact of risk in a way that truly benefits our business and results.” Chief Operating Officer, Community Bank
The Solomon365 solutions were able to help us develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of our cross-organizational strategic risks. The identification and analysis of these risks, including the underlying strategic assumptions and dependencies has strengthened our overall risk agility and competitive positioning in the marketplace. Chief Financial Officer, Pharmacy Benefits Organization
The Solomon365 diagnostics and tools are powerful and practical. The guided process has brought more clarity to our board functions and better discernment to my decision making as CEO of our organization. Chief Executive Officer, Community Bank

Integrate Capabilities

No organization can make sound decisions without its leaders easily accessing, leveraging and sharing the necessary guidance and insights. One of the most powerful benefits of Solomon365 is that it helps connect and integrate the right people, capabilities and information. Everyone throughout your organization will now be better prepared to respond to increasingly complex risks and opportunities with enhanced speed, precision and agility.

What's more, because Solomon365 offers measureable results, you can leverage these new Integrative Governance capabilities to answer the following with confidence and assurance:

  • "Are we asking ourselves the right questions?"

  • "Are the board, management and monitoring systems effective and integrated?"

  • "How can we drive benefit from demonstrable Integrative Governance capabilities?"

Solomon365 - It's How You Know.

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Navigate Risks.

Illuminate Opportunities.

Integrate Capabilities.

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