Risk and Governance

What Integrative Governance
Means For Your Organization

Integrative Governance brings the right people, information and processes together into an integrative governing system so your organization is well aligned and can swiftly navigate to make informed, strategic decisions. The result is created value and the speed, precision, and agility to thrive and win.

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Benefits of
Integrative Governance

Enhances Business Performance

When your organization leverages Integrative Governance, it will be able to consistently achieve its mission & strategy, better preserve its assets & reputation and ultimately deliver stronger performance & results than ever before.

Market Opportunity

When your organization is enhancing its performance through Integrative Governance, it is also increasing its stakeholder trust, an organization's most valuable currency. As your trust continues to ascend, new and exciting market opportunities will be right along side.

Creates Competitive Advantage

It's no secret that every organization faces countless risks that pose "make or break" risks on a daily basis. Solomon365 along with an Integrative Governing System provides the strategies and tools necessary to not only navigate these risk wisely, but to transform them into fuel for a competitive advantage that others simply do not have.

A Brighter Way Forward

Integrative Governance drives business value. As the first subscription-based solution designed to help organizations achieve Integrative Governance, Solomon365 focuses on the three vital dimensions of an integrative governance system: Board Oversight, Management Execution and Monitoring Verification, and offers integrative modules, guided workflow, qualified content & media and actionable outputs
so you can leverage your risk and governance processes to navigate risks, illuminate opportunities and integrate capabilities.

Integrative Modules

Solomon365's growing suite of guided equipping modules provide broad insight and firmly integrate the three different dimensions of business navigation: Board Oversight, Management Execution and Monitoring Verification.

Guided Workflow

The Solomon365 system delivers equipping modules that follow a consistent 5 step guided approach: Orient, Assess, Analyze, Prioritize and Improve.

Qualified Content/Media

Solomon365 leverages specialized content & media to provide you with insights you need.

Actionable Outputs

The Solomon365 system offers clear and actionable outputs to lay the foundation for systematic improvement in your governance and risk processes

“No other solutions we assessed were able to bring such an integrated approach and innovative solutions that address both our risk management and board governance needs, while equipping us to sustainably improve in these areas.” General Counsel, Financial Services Organization
“I really like the approach and that it is grounded in a structured framework and leading practices. It feels less subjective, and gives me more confidence as a foundation to build on that is not just based in the opinion of an individual consultant. It provides a clearer path for identifying our strengths and opportunities to go to the next level, beyond a point-in-time measurement offered by most consultants and solutions.”Risk Officer, Major Research University
“It has changed the conversation with our regulators so that we are shaping the message, not just reacting to their questions.” Chief Risk Officer, Community Bank

Every Role is Critical to Success

“You are only as strong as your weakest link.” This age old phrase holds truer than ever for today's organizations. From the C-Suite to the boardroom and everything in-between, each and every component of an Integrative Governing System plays a vital role in an organization's long-term success. Let Solomon365 help you stay informed and equipped so you're able to elevate your organization to new heights and support those around you to do the same.

What Role Do
You Play?

Navigate Risks.

Illuminate Opportunities.

Integrate Capabilities.

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