Why We Were Formed: A Note From Our Founder

To Leaders of Change,

As leaders, we own the challenge to confidently regain our economic prosperity and stability. The accelerating pace of globalization, technological advancements, and social media has rendered many of our current governance approaches and practices outdated and inadequate to successfully navigate today’s complex organizations through turbulent and unpredictable times. It is our time to step up and to lead. That is why Integrated Governance Solutions (IGS) was formed.

With our primary purpose to transform and revolutionize the way organizations successfully govern and navigate, we are boldly setting a new global standard of governance excellence that can help defend trust in our marketplace and beyond. We do this by offering organizations an innovative and comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools and equipping solutions called the Solomon365® platform, available through an affordable annual subscription.

"Our primary purpose is to transform and revolutionize the way organizations successfully govern and navigate."
Grounded in the principles of self-governance and self-regulation, Solomon365® delivers next generation thinking and practices for successful, integrative governance and navigation that:

  • • Sharpens board oversight, making them an even greater strategic asset to the organization;

  • • Refines and integrates risk management processes, paving the way for healthier growth, and longer-term agility, viability, and predictability;

  • • Promotes and facilitates a more holistic and comprehensive view of the entire governing system – the board of directors, strategy, risk management, compliance, ethics, social responsibility, etc., and how all of these governing components should work together in an integrative way; and

  • • Maximizes every organization’s (for-profit and non-profit) capabilities to fully realize their potential, while better fulfilling their unique mission and vision.

We look forward to working with you and other key institutional and marketplace leaders to achieve the next generation of integrative governance and risk oversight – and, in the process, defend and restore the trust and long-term perspective so crucial to regaining our national economic health and vitality.


William S. Bojan, Jr.
Founder and CEO
Integrated Governance Solutions, LLC

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